Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Newsletter
Our new year has been off to a creative and prosperous beginning!  And we are already into Spring!  It’s so nice to be at the studio with the best artists in Utah!!   We are excited to be creating with them, the young as well as our adults who are young at heart.  It’s so rewarding to see the imaginative light bulb moments that take place in each of our students.  Art is such an amazing teacher in so many ways.  We can see how it affects our students focus, attitudes and confidence as well as developing artistically.  Thank you for letting us share this experience with each of you.  Important Information follows below so please read carefully.

ART SHOW:  Set your calendars for Saturday, May 3rd.Our Annual Art Show is coming fast!      A good variety of subjects, ages and mediums needs to be represented.  By APRIL 3rd, please bring in 3-4 of your students favorite works to choose from.    We are collecting ONE of each student’s best works to display in the art show.   The entry fee is $10. The artist’s work will be copied and the original work returned to them. A fabulous display of artwork will be set up in a local café and there will be an artist’s reception with refreshments, family and friends. You don’t want to miss it!

SUMMER CAMPS:   Enrollment is already coming in! SO please don’t miss out on the camps of your choice.  EARLY BIRD ENROLLMENT: Sign up early by May 15th for TWO camps and your artist will receive 12 artist quality colored pencils.

New Student;  We’d like to welcome the many new artists that have joined us this year and look forward to those that are enrolled for Summer Camps already!   Welcome to the Mesa Art Family!  We hope you all enjoy your creative journey with us.

NEW WEBSITE! Please check out our new website (still under construction) at   As we continue to make adjustments you may see your artists’ work on our gallery or pages, so keep an eye on it.  Also, look for the new SUMMER CAMP schedule and themes that are already posted.  Please be sure and leave a good word for us on FaceBook, Twitter or your favorite social media. 

WHAT’S COMING:  There are many fun and exciting things in store for our artists at Mesa Art.   New projects      are always in the making.  The remainder of this school year will be focused on the elements of art in CoLoR, value, and perspective, just to name a few.  There will be painting involved as well as our usual use of chalk/oil pastel, graphite and colored pencils, and the ever favorite JUiCy markers!!!  Expect wonderful things of your artists!!  Don’t forget SUMMER CAMPS!

Sincerely, Big Al and Miss Kris

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