Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Our prices have increased by $5 

The new class prices are as follows:
1 hour class $70
1 1/2 hour class $85
2 hour class $100


Saturday Dec. 13th will replace your class the week of Christmas.  

Don't miss out on our Creative Christmas Workshop. 

Saturday, Dec. 13th. 

TONS of Wintery fun, cutting, gluing, and glittering! 

Our Creative Christmas Workshop has become a December tradition that our students look forward to and LOVE!! 

Please contact the studio at 801-915-9441 or come in to sign up for the time most convenient for you. 

If you aren't enrolled in classes and want to join us please call for details.   See you there!

This counts as your 4th CLASS FOR DECEMBER. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We are very excited for our Fall sessions.  The schedule (below) as always is a challenge but Kris and I have tried our best to make sure every month has 4 classes for our artists. We will hold a special classes on Saturday, December 13 for our artists in Monday and Wednesday classes. We will have a schedule of class times when we get closer to December.

We are working with a web builder, Lighthouse local, to get a better running website, to inform you of the changes and the class schedules. ArtLessonsSaltLakeCity.com .  We are still working out the bugs so we would appreciate any feedback you would like to give us.  We will still maintain the MesaArtStudio.com website for a while but hope to get all the way over to the new site.

We are remodeling the studio to make it bigger.  Kris is really excited about the changes and I will be once I have all the work done!  This will allow one of us to teach and the other to work one on one with students as they progress in becoming the next great Utah artist.

As you know we have amazing building owners and they have done everything they can for the studio, including let us teach in the cafe while we built the studio.  Dick the owner is battling terminal cancer he is an amazing man who has helped many people and is going through a lot of pain.  Would you please keep him and Mary in your thoughts and prayers.

Fall Schedule 2014 

ADULTS 1:00- 3:00

4:00-5:30 ages 8-12
4:00-5:00 ages 5-7
4:00-5:00 ages 5-7
4:00-5:00 ages 5-7
6:00- 7:30 ages 8-12
5:15-6:45 ages 8-12
5:15-6:45 ages 8-12
5:15-6:45 ages 8-12
Aug 4,11,18,25
Aug 5,12,19,26
Aug 8,13,20,27
Aug 21,28, Sep 4,11,18,25
Sept 8,15,22,29
Sept 2,9,16,23
Sept 3,10,17,24,

Oct 6,13,20,27
Sept 30, Oct 7,14,21
Oct 1,8,15,22
Oct 9,16,23, 30, Nov 6,13
Nov 3,10,17,24
Nov 4,11,18,25
Oct 29,Nov 5,12,19

Dec 1,8,15,13
 Dec 2,9,16, 13
Dec 3,10,17,13

** The classes are developed for the Home School Children and 4 year olds**
Please note we have made adjustments for the Christmas holiday season there will be 4 classes 12/13/14

·         Thursday Classes are for beginning students and will be held for 6 continuous weeks
·         All NEW STUDENTS who have a portfolio are welcome to join the other classes after evaluation from Miss Kris

1 hour Class, 4 classes per Month= $70                Thursday Classes $105 for 6 weeks
11/2 hour Class 4 classes per Month= $85            Thursday Classes $125 for 6 weeks
2 hour Class 4 classes per Month = $100 OR $35 per Class


Friday, June 6, 2014

This year we are offering several regular weekly classes along with our SUMMER CAMPS.  All NEW projects and creative crafts on the drawing board for SUMMER!   Tons of fun with drawing people and action figures as requested by many of you and as usual. . . plenty of animals to draw and paint!  Everyone's favorite!!!  Most weekly classes are currently full for June/July with only a few openings available for ages  9-teens.  We have availability for ages 5-8 and a waiting list for August.  All camps are still currently open but are filling fast, so please stop by to register.  As always, first ones to register, first ones to get a seat.  If you would like a registration form please email us at 1mesaart@gmail.com.  Or give us a call for class availability at 801-915-9441.  Still plenty of room for everyone!  Easy access from 215, and right down the street from Wheeler Farm.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Newsletter
Our new year has been off to a creative and prosperous beginning!  And we are already into Spring!  It’s so nice to be at the studio with the best artists in Utah!!   We are excited to be creating with them, the young as well as our adults who are young at heart.  It’s so rewarding to see the imaginative light bulb moments that take place in each of our students.  Art is such an amazing teacher in so many ways.  We can see how it affects our students focus, attitudes and confidence as well as developing artistically.  Thank you for letting us share this experience with each of you.  Important Information follows below so please read carefully.

ART SHOW:  Set your calendars for Saturday, May 3rd.Our Annual Art Show is coming fast!      A good variety of subjects, ages and mediums needs to be represented.  By APRIL 3rd, please bring in 3-4 of your students favorite works to choose from.    We are collecting ONE of each student’s best works to display in the art show.   The entry fee is $10. The artist’s work will be copied and the original work returned to them. A fabulous display of artwork will be set up in a local cafĂ© and there will be an artist’s reception with refreshments, family and friends. You don’t want to miss it!

SUMMER CAMPS:   Enrollment is already coming in! SO please don’t miss out on the camps of your choice.  EARLY BIRD ENROLLMENT: Sign up early by May 15th for TWO camps and your artist will receive 12 artist quality colored pencils.

New Student;  We’d like to welcome the many new artists that have joined us this year and look forward to those that are enrolled for Summer Camps already!   Welcome to the Mesa Art Family!  We hope you all enjoy your creative journey with us.

NEW WEBSITE! Please check out our new website (still under construction) at Mesaartstudio.com.   As we continue to make adjustments you may see your artists’ work on our gallery or pages, so keep an eye on it.  Also, look for the new SUMMER CAMP schedule and themes that are already posted.  Please be sure and leave a good word for us on FaceBook, Twitter or your favorite social media. 

WHAT’S COMING:  There are many fun and exciting things in store for our artists at Mesa Art.   New projects      are always in the making.  The remainder of this school year will be focused on the elements of art in CoLoR, value, and perspective, just to name a few.  There will be painting involved as well as our usual use of chalk/oil pastel, graphite and colored pencils, and the ever favorite JUiCy markers!!!  Expect wonderful things of your artists!!  Don’t forget SUMMER CAMPS!

Sincerely, Big Al and Miss Kris

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Creative New Year!!

We are so excited about the New Year, new artists that are joining us, and a new calendar! Our schedule of classes remains the same.  But the calendar year should flow a little easier than the last. Last years calendar dates just seemed to not fit anyone's schedules and we appreciate the patience our artists and their parents exhibited. There will always be 4 classes per paid month.  This year is pretty straight forward, making it better for everyone. 

New Projects!
We continue with our focus on the Elements of Art with new projects for the remainder of the school year.  Some of the topics we will be covering are landscapes, portraits, and perspective. There will be a few artists that we will be studying as we incorporate the elements of art: color, value, and space. 

This SUMMER we will have 12 summer camps with new projects in each.  It is exciting to develop these projects and to make it really interesting, fun and educational for our artists.  

We plan on posting something new on our Blog spot at least weekly. Please make sure you check regularly to see if the artist in your family has work posted. We are working on getting our web page up and running.  So watch for the new and improved Mesa Art website!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Creations...

Fall classes are well underway.  We have amazing things being created by our wonderful, talented art students. 

Rachel age 7 oil pastel
Beautiful birds, peacocks and quail.  Shaded pumpkins are popping off the pages.  Everyone is enjoying oil pastels and really learning to shade well as they master colored pencils.   Al and I had a great visit to our favorite assisted living facility this month.  We love our ladies!

Quinn age 10 chalk pastel/col. pencil


   PEACOCKS at the Care Center!

  Call for more information.
                       (801) 915-9441

  Come join the FUN!  TONS of great projects yet to be created!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Interested in FALL art classes? 

Believe it or not, Fall registrations are already coming in!  Is summer over already?!?   There are only TWO more SUMMER CAMPS left.  We have had a few cancellations and do have space available and it's first come first serve!  So mom, take advantage of that last minute summer break and send your kids to camp!

Mesa Art Studio located in Murray, Utah has some great new projects planned for our fall classes.  So whether you are a returning student or joining us for your first art class you will definitely catch the creative bug!   We have something for everyone from age 4-adult.  Including our NEW homeschool classes. So please check the CLASS SCHEDULE page to find the class and time that suit your schedule. Please call or email for a registration form.