Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Creative New Year!!

We are so excited about the New Year, new artists that are joining us, and a new calendar! Our schedule of classes remains the same.  But the calendar year should flow a little easier than the last. Last years calendar dates just seemed to not fit anyone's schedules and we appreciate the patience our artists and their parents exhibited. There will always be 4 classes per paid month.  This year is pretty straight forward, making it better for everyone. 

New Projects!
We continue with our focus on the Elements of Art with new projects for the remainder of the school year.  Some of the topics we will be covering are landscapes, portraits, and perspective. There will be a few artists that we will be studying as we incorporate the elements of art: color, value, and space. 

This SUMMER we will have 12 summer camps with new projects in each.  It is exciting to develop these projects and to make it really interesting, fun and educational for our artists.  

We plan on posting something new on our Blog spot at least weekly. Please make sure you check regularly to see if the artist in your family has work posted. We are working on getting our web page up and running.  So watch for the new and improved Mesa Art website!

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