Summer Camps

Summer Camps run 3 weeks in June, 5 weeks in July, and 3 weeks in August.  Each Art Camp meets Tues. Wed. Thurs. of each week, all with new themes and creative projects .  
(Regular weekly classes will also be offered.  See Class Schedule page for details)


(except where otherwise noted***)

Art camp is an experience that will SPARK your childs CREATIVITY! Our program helps each camper develop unique, individual expression. 

Campers will be exploring the use of mixed media.  Materials used will vary with projects that will include chalk/oil pastels, art markers, colored pencils, collage and watercolor. Older students may also be exposed to graphite pencil sketching. 

Class Information and Fees

        Camps for ages 5-8  10:00-11:30 am         
1 1/2 hour class for 3 days:  $70 each camp

Camps for ages 9-12    1:00-3:30 pm
      2 1/2 hours class for 3 days: $90 each camp

 $10 dollars off 2nd family member after 1st camp.

Attend ALL 11 camps- the last camp is FREE!!! 

NOTE: Due to popular demand we will also be holding regular weekly classes on Monday and Tuesday throughout the Summer. For less confusion the schedule is posted on the
Class Schedule page.

Summer Camps for 2014
Camps run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.  Register individually for the camp(s) you want to attend. Please call 801-915-9441 or email for a registration form.

June 10th,11th,12th

Jump aboard our art camp ship to experience people, cultures and treasures of the sea.  We will travel the coasts and seashores to Alaska, the Philippines and Venice to name a few.  You will ride Gondolas; draw Seahorses, Mermaids, Manatees and more! Your colorful artistic twist will make it all the more amazing.  

June 17th,18th,19th

Do you crave a good joyride?  Are you always running, sliding jumping, racing, lifting, and gliding?  Learn to draw them whether in a rocket ship or submarine you’ll have a blast drawing some of your favorite things that magically move you from place to place.  

June 24th,25th,26th

Do you like journaling, creative art, doodling, and getting messy? Each artist will get an art journal of their very own.  You will learn the art of collage, the importance of journaling and creative ways to make your journal your own!  You will create your book and pages out of scraps of paper, paint and markers, tissue paper, and anything your creative mind thinks of!

**   You will need to bring a photo of yourself and a couple of paper keepsakes.  Ex: ticket stubs, letters, cards, vacation photo, favorite animal photo, etc.**

July 1st,2nd,3rd

Do you know what Zombies, Rock Stars, Olympic Athletes and Surfers all have in common?  Human proportion!  Learn how to draw the human form and you can create them all!  If you've ever struggled with drawing people, now is your chance to learn the tricks that you've been waiting for to be successful!

July 8th,9th,10th

 Do you love gardens and exploring ant hills?  Plants and bugs are the topic of this creative workshop. You’ll draw beautiful flowers and plants, a kaleidoscope of bugs and make a cement stepping stone planter for your very own garden.

July 15th,17th,18th

Come discover the secrets of the ancient lands of Egypt, Asia and Atlantis!  Geisha's, tombs and Indians are on the agenda for exploration.  Observe the cultures, and art of the world.  Don’t miss out on the exciting discoveries you will make in this creative camp.

July 22nd,23rd,24th

Do you love Fashion, color, pattern and design?  In this stylish workshop you will learn how to apply those elements to create new styles and unique fads.  You’ll design things from Sneakers to Hair Styles, and T-Shirts to Wild Hats! 
 ****(you will need to provide white T-shirt for this camp)****

July 29th,30th,31st

You will enjoy the history, the view and wonders of the world as we travel from the Grand Canyon to the Taj Mahal.   There will be many ancient and modern things to discover in between.  Artists will learn about the architecture and design of historical buildings and structures both natural and man made like the Eiffel Tower.  You will learn about perspective in order to create them all! 

August 5th,6th,7th

Put on your overalls and boots and come on down to the farm with us.  Roosters, cows, horses and dogs will be a few of the farm animals you will create in oil pastels, watercolor and puppets!  You may even design your own barn.

August 12th,13th,14th


We all love the tail splashing of the Blue Whale.  Come enjoy some of your favorite endangered animals and find out what we can do to help keep them around! Did you know that Green Torch Coral is an endangered animal?  You’ll learn how to draw it along with a Green Sea Turtle and other endangered animals.   We even have endangered wildlife right here in Utah.  Come to camp to find out who they are. 

August 19th,20th,21st

A favorite of art campers!!  Learn the secrets to create your favorite cartoon and animated characters. You will gain skills in foreshortening, ANIME eyes and features, identifying shapes and proportions to create 2D figures from MARVEL, FROZEN, DRAGONVALE and Hedgehog from Pok√©mon.  

See you at CAMP!